Supply of pellet stoves

If you enjoy a pleasant temperature in your home in winter time, there is no better option than to choose a stove fuelled by pellets, a product that is environmentally friendly as it is obtained from wood scraps. I.D. Service guarantees the supply and installation of pellet stoves in various sizes.

pellet stoves

The technicians at the company in La Loggia in the province of Turin are always on hand to carry out surveys aimed at assessing the size of the environment to be heated as well as identifying the most suitable stove. The pellet stoves provided by I.D. Service work automatically, igniting via an electric resistance and their operating autonomy depends on the pellet tank capacity.

sale of pellet stoves

The company delivers the selected stove and ensures it is properly installed with no smoke leaking into the environment where it is used. If you wish to place an order for the purchase of a pellet stove or wish to receive further information regarding any aspect of our stoves, please contact a member of I.D. Service's staff. Heat your home in an environmentally friendly and clean way: choose the warmth of a pellet stove!

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