Laser cutting machinery

Service centre for laser plants

For all those industries with machinery for two-dimensional and three-dimensional laser cutting, I.D. Service offers an effective service that includes the installation, testing, maintenance, overhaul and repair of plants. Upon request, immediate, punctual intervention can be arranged, even at home.

Laser machine support services

repairing laser cutting machinery

In particular, the company in La Loggia, near Turin, is responsible for the dismantling and installation of laser cutting plants, maintenance and complete overhaul of machinery and laser sources, the upgrade of laser sources, the overhaul of Atlas dryers and optimisation of processing parameters. Furthermore, the technical experts at the company run courses for workers from customers' companies aimed at the use, maintenance and programming of laser cutting machinery,

Spare parts for laser cutting plants

overhaul of laser cutting machinery

Spare parts and consumer material are stored in I.D. Service's store room that ensure the laser cutting machinery works properly. They are II-VI lenses for every kind of machine, nozzles and items for cleaning the lenses. If the laser cutting plants in your industry need to be repaired, contact the technicians at the Turin-based company immdediately.

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