Sale of laser cutting machinery

Do you have a business in the high-power laser industry? Do you need plants for laser cutting? Are you looking for a company that sells second-hand two-dimensional and three-dimensional laser machinery? All you need to do is contact I.D. Service whose main aim is to provide high-level professional products in the field of laser processing.

laser cutting tools

The company is located in the province of Turin and offers its customers the following second-hand laser machinery:

  • Platino 1325, two-dimensional with stroke axis X = 2500mm, Y = 1250mm and Z = 140mm and with laser source PRC 2200 W + CHILLER
  • Platino 9000 L 1530 with stroke axis X = 3000mm Y = 1500mm Z = 140mm and with laser source PRC2200W + CHILLER
  • Prima Industrie rapid three-dimensional 5 cab split with stroke axes X = 3200mm, Y = 1525mm and Z = 600mm and with laser source PRC2200W + CHILLER.

    sale of laser cutting machinery

    As far as what's new is concerned, the company mainly provides two-dimensional and three-dimensional plants by Prima Industrie, the Optimo, Domino and Platino, Sincrono, Laserwork models, Bystronic machinery, PCR laser sources, Rofin Sinar and Convergent Prima. In addition to sales, the company also covers home delivery and installation. Transport costs are covered by the customer. For more information or a quote please contact the company offices.

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